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  • [6]
    Xi-zhao Wang, Jun-hai Zhai, Learning with Uncertainty, in progress (2015)
  • [5]
    Xi-zhao Wang, Jun-hai Zhai, Induction of decision trees based on uncertainty, China Science Press, 2012
  • [4]
    Xi-zhao Wang, Fuzzy measures and fuzzy integrals and their applications in Classification, China Science Press, 2008
  • [3]
    Xi-zhao Wang, Ming-hu Ha, Learning from fuzzy examples and fuzzy control, Hebei University Press, 2002
  • [2]
    Xi-zhao Wang, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, China Science Press, 2009
  • [1]
    Xi-zhao Wang, Hao Chen, Yan Zhan, Database theory and its application, Hebei People's Press, 2005
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